Providing Health & Safety  Through Cleaning

We at AQ Services are proud to offer what's considered to be the best truck- mount machine in the industry, "ProChem," along with a Roto Vac wand.  This combination of machine, wand, and our 60+ years of experience produces consistent high quality results.   We use our powerful mix of green chemicals and Ozonated Water to clean and disinfect carpets, floors and furnishings.   We treat every home, business, office, apartment, as if it was our home, or facility. We are currently certified by the I.I.C.R.C.   and maintain a Master Textile cleaner status.


We use a truck mounted Prochem Machine.  This machine contains a Multi-Heat capture catalytic system, which means that whatever temperature we set it at, it stays at, so the soil removal is consistent throughout the job.  

The Rotovac is a wand and bonneting machine in one unit.  We are unaware of any other business using this powerful piece of equipment in the Tristate area.  Yup, The Q has it going on!